Basics of Hugo

I just set up a hugo blog, and am recording the useful commands here.

Creating a New Post:

You can create different types of content, which the theme must support. For example, this Academic theme supports type = ["post", "publication", "project"]

jacobi@licobra ~/site $ hugo new <type>/
/home/jacobi/site/content/post/ created

Changing the Theme:

  • Browse the themes site
  • Click the github link
  • Clone the github page into <hugo root>/themes/<theme name>
  • Modify config.toml to be <theme name>

Deploy the Hugo App

  • Setup a static web server pointing at <site directory>
  • from <hugo root>, run hugo
  • copy the <hugo root>/public directory to <site directory>
    • cp -rT public /var/www/blog
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